Series 0507
Mercado Del Norte
Quicktime movie 2:12; Opens in same window
Santa Barbara, USA; El Mercado Del Norte
August 6, 2011; 11:40 am-12:02 pm; 1,700 images

Series 0507
Wuhan, China; 民主路
June 27, 2011; 4:32-4:34 pm; 82 images

Series 0507
Bus Stop
Wuhan, China; 珞喻路; 光谷广场
June 11, 2011; 4:32-4:34 pm; 28 images

Series 0507
Bike Commute
Wuhan, China; 民主路
May 8, 2011; 1:33-1:50 pm; 33 images

Series 0518c
Underpass West
Wuhan, China; 珞狮路
May 18, 2011; 2:41-2:52 pm; 57 images

Series 0518s
Underpass South
Wuhan, China; 珞狮路
May 18, 2011; 3:08-3:12 pm; 30 images

Series 0518s
Morning Commute
Wuhan, China; 风光村, 东湖南路
May 7, 2011; 8:40-9:26 am; 223 images


Waiting for Things

I used to believe in the decisive moment, that it was something to catch. But always just out of my reach.

I had bad timing when it came to taking pictures of people. I would hit the shutter a second too late. Or I would mentally take the picture while my camera remained deep inside my bag.

Obviously my first problem was that I didn't even have my camera out. But walking around the street with my camera in hand felt jinxed. It is enough to keep good pictures from happening.

Finally, when I decided to give up and just sit back and watch, I realized that these decisive moments are always happening. Just pick a place where they are more likely to happen. Sit still and wait.

Sit next to a puddle and someone will jump over it.

The biggest lesson I have learned from this project is that patience pays off. And faith. You gotta have faith. Still Series